“Don’t you get tired of the peace?”

This week I ventured back to the big city for the day. The city where I grew up and lived for 29 years, where my brother and lots of my friends still live and the city which holds many special memories. Since we moved 16 months ago I’ve been back there a few times.. see friends, shopping, hospital appointments, to get my hair done (Yes, I travel for an hour every 8 weeks to my hairdresser that’s why I was there this week. She’s the best hairdresser in the world and there’s no way I’m giving her up !!). Each time I go back I worry a little. I worry that I’ll really miss it, that I’ll feel a deep sense of loss and regret the choice we made to move away. Of course I get extremely nostalgic, it holds a fondness in my heart and always will. It’s the city where I went to school, had my babies, it’s special. But do I feel regret? No.

After my hair appointment I ventured into the city centre. As I was child free I saw it as the ideal opportunity to go to Topshop! I took a moment to sit on a bench and soak up the atmosphere. The streets were bustling. I’d forgotten how busy it could be. I doubt our local town where we live now sees that many people in a week let alone one day! There was noise- a lot of noise. The sound of buskers, road sweepers, alarms being set off in shops, children crying, parents shouting at their children for crying, large groups of teenagers who were clearly on a foreign school trip gazing in awe at the castle. It was everything a city should be.

As I got up and walked away I bumped into an old friend. She asked me how it was living in the countryside, whether I was bored and asked the question “don’t you get tired of the peace?”. And this made me think and evaluate our first year living in the mountains. Why did she ask me that question? How can someone ever get tired of peace and quiet? Do some people find peace a problem? To sit with your own thoughts? Granted I rarely sit in silence, there’s usually a small human calling ‘mummy’ on repeat for at least 12 hours of the day!! But as I write this both children and husband are in bed, I’m looking out, window open and I can’t here a thing. There’s no traffic commotion or the sound of people talking, just the odd noise of a sheep, a cow, a bird. It is very peaceful.

I love going into the city and on the odd occasion I still love to go out for drinks with friends and dance the night away  to old school RnB tunes. But nothing beats the tranquillity and calmness of the countryside. It’s a way of life, it’s our life now.

At this point I can’t see me ever getting tired of the peace. Serenity is good for my soul.

ps. The feature image of this post is a photo I took of the sunset two days ago. It was marvellous #nofilter.



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