Stuck in a rut!

Over the past few weeks I’ve sat at my laptop and felt the need to write but I don’t know what to say? I feel that I’m bursting with ideas but can’t physically put it into words. Is that weird?!

I think I’ve been in a bit of rut.. Positivity has been lacking of late. I can’t put my finger on why but I feel that I’m having to make a conscious effort to see the positive side of situations. Yes I’m a tired mum of two who’s recovering from having two pretty major operations in the past 5 months but I’m usually a glass half full kinda gal! And I didn’t want to write a post that would just be me moaning! Surely nobody wants to read that? I want to spread love and positivity here whilst remaining honest whether it’s about parenting, family life, cancer, work. I want to inspire people not make people feel worse about themselves. I suppose sometimes negativity can hinder creativity? But it is normal to have down days. Days when you feel like you’re not a good enough mother, wife, nurse etc. and the more blogs that read or posts that I see on Instagram, podcasts I listen to, I know that I’m not alone in feeling this way. Social media is amazing like that!

I don’t know what’s made me actually write this post today.. I can’t put my finger on it! But I’m definitely feeling more positive and motivated today? I hope it sticks!!

I have a new planner ready for jotting down a load of blog post ideas. New stationary=new beginnings right?



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