Half Term Antics

So the Friday before half term I always feel excited by the prospect of spending quality time with my four year old without the rush of school runs etc. But honestly, on occasions-not all the time- by the Wednesday/Thursday comes round, I quietly look forward to him going back to school!

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love having him home and it is so nice to be out of a routine for the week, but I feel he gets a bit bored of me and longs for company his own age! 

We had a fun packed week with friends sleeping over on two occasions, a Roman soldier activity day in the local cathedral which he loved and lots of fun at home playing. I made a conscious effort to spend more time just playing with him and tried not to rush off to complete mundane household chores. And it was lovely 😊 

I’m surprised to say there were minimal melt downs and behaviour was generally acceptable. It may have been helped by our ‘marble jar’ reward system we have going at the moment. If he’s well behaved each day he will get a marble in the jar, when he has 10 marbles he gets a pack of Star Wars cards?! Marbles can also be removed for bad behaviour. 

I noticed that my daughter loved having him home too. She follows him around like a puppy, copying whatever he’s doing, looking up to him in awe. It’s so lovely seeing the relationship and bond that is forming between them. 

All in all half term was a success. We had fun, spent quality time together and I was quite sad on Sunday evening knowing he had school the next day. I miss my little sidekick when he’s not around 💙


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