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I’m so bloody tired!!- 3 Weeks post-op

I didn’t post last week for a few reasons.. the main one being that I was feeling quite fed up and didn’t really know what to write. I didn’t want to post something really negative or moany (is that a word?!) and for anyone to read this in the future who is scheduled to have a hysterectomy to feel down or worried about it?! But then maybe I should’ve because it’s real and it’s how I was feeling?

Anyway, I’m pleased to say that I’m recovering well. The four wounds on my abdomen have healed well and only a few scabs are remaining- it’s taking all of my will power to not pick them? Is that gross? Sorry!! However I have realised over the past two weeks that although external wounds are healing it takes a lot longer for the internal bits to knit together. I am still very tender, if I was to touch/press on the affected areas I would know about it! But I have to remind myself that it’s still only 3 weeks since I’ve had major abdominal surgery. I have also noticed that since the removal of my reproductive organs my skin has been awful. I have had a major acne breakout! I suppose this is to be expected as organs removed for a hysterectomy contain hormones, removing these hormones is likely to cause an imbalance which I’m hoping will return to equilibrium soon. I’ve started to use a La Roche-Posay Effaclar cream which so far hasn’t caused the spots to get worse-so fingers crossed!!

I think the title of this post says it all.. I’m so bloody tired!! I could sleep on a chicken’s lip as they say in the Welsh Valleys!! Despite getting around 8 hours sleep a night I still wake up feeling tired!! On days when my children are in school or with the childminder I’ve been trying to have a nap in the afternoon-but this makes me feel so lazy. I’m not normally one to just mooch around and relax so I have been over doing it with house chores etc. Maybe this is contributing to the tiredness too?! I need to listen to my body and if I need to sit down, then I sit down! Not much more that I can do?!

Things that have remain unchanged over the past few weeks:

  • I still can’t drive. I have lovely friends who have been to see me and take me out for an hour or two some days which has been nice.
  • I’m still on Clexane injections, I think I have about 8 days left. My tummy is peppered with bruises!
  • I’m still needing to take analgesia when required but the frequency at which I’m taking them has reduced, which is good!

Emotionally, like I said I was pretty fed up last week. I’m mostly frustrated at not being able to do things like pick up my one year old daughter, hang washing out etc (something which I never thought I’d say!!). Last week I met a mum at the swimming pool. I wasn’t able to go swimming so my husband and mother in law took the children while I watched on the side. The mum asked me “are you going to have anymore children?”. There it was-the question we all ask each other as mothers but this time it hurt me. My heart ached at knowing that I was unable to have anymore children. I plan on writing a whole blog post about this and how it felt etc. so I’ll just leave it there.

Next week I have a follow up appointment with my consultant. I’ll be getting histology results and a general check over. I’ll be back next week with how that went!!

Thanks for reading,

Love Caz xx


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