A Day with my Boy

Since having my youngest child, Emma, I don’t feel I’ve given my son George enough attention. Sure I play with him and when he’s not in school we spend all our time together but it’s often a bit half-hearted on my part. There is always something else I need to  be doing, rushing to the next chore and not being fully ‘present’ with him. It’s something I feel super guilty about-like we don’t have enough mum guilt to contend with already!!! I find myself putting Emma down for her daytime nap and try to cram in as many household jobs that I can while she’s asleep and as a result neglecting George.

So, as it’s currently the Easter holidays in Wales I thought I’d take advantage of Emma being with the child minder and spend the day with George, just me and him, like it used it be.

I wanted to do something special with him, something we don’t normally do or are unable to do with Emma. George chose the cinema and was so excited! We got popcorn and everything! then had a McDs for lunch. It was great to spend quality time with him and he was SO well behaved-which is a rarity these days as although he’s 4, he’s got he attitude of a 14 year old sometimes!! I didn’t have to raise my voice once. I wasn’t rushing him, we just went at his pace and chatted about Lego, Lego and more Lego. We even managed to pop to the shops to pick me up a pair of shoes! We had a great time!

It made me realise that too often give him a hard time and lose my patience when its probably not necessary. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to stop and think if I really need to get cross with him because I’ve asked him a gazillion times to put his shoes on when we are leaving the house, or when he refuses to tidy up his toys. Or if it’s my tiredness and hate for the monotony that is contributing to the situation.

I’m not saying there shouldn’t be rules and boundaries and yes, they do need to know that you’re the parent but I can’t help but feel that I’m too hard on him sometimes and that he is only 4. His sister arrived a year ago and turned the world he knew upside down. He’s experienced changes- a new house, new school and sometimes I just need to give him a break! Praise him for the things that he does well, good behaviour that sometimes goes unnoticed and be less of the ‘shouty mum’. He’s a good boy really?!However, I am still waiting for his listening skills to develop.. someone told me it gets better when they turn 4.. I’m still waiting!!


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