Bath Time Chaos!!

So, pre babies the idea of a bubble bath involved candles, peace, calm and tranquillity. Then I had a baby and I enjoyed bath time for a short period; those special moments where you can bond with your baby surrounded by the smell of lavender etc etc. I feel that the novelty soon wore off! Bath time chaos ensued!! Now, some days I’m feeling bath time, other days not so much!

I was so strict with routine when George was younger. We had to bath EVERY night as I was so scarred that he wouldn’t sleep. Now with Emma, she’s lucky if she gets a bath every two days!!! (** I do maintain my children’s cleanliness with a ‘bosh wash’ between bath days**) It’s fair to say that if I can get away without bathing my children I will! Does that make me a bad parent? Do other mums feel the pain of  bath time as much as me?!

However, last week things changed. I found something that made the bath time routine more enjoyable (for me and for the kids!) BATH BOMBS!!!

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before?! I was out shopping with my sister and we went into LUSH. I saw these bath bombs and just had a lightbulb moment. I bought two bath bombs; the ‘ Intergalactic’ and the ‘Baby Robot’ ( I think that’s what it’s called?!).

We used the Intergalactic one on the weekend and it was a massive hit! Both kids loved it. George enjoyed dropping it into the bath, seeing the fizz and water changing into a bright, glittery blue. And they smell amazing!! It was a real treat.

I would definitely recommend bath bombs if you’re looking for something to change up that bath time routine. We had fun, it was something different to the usual bubbles. I know that I will be repurchasing more in the future, and maybe treat myself to one or two as well!!





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